My View of Online Shopping

Online shopping will be a more and more important part of our life. The role of online shopping is also rising year by year. People are going to prefer online shops to regular shops. They have noticed how simple it is to buy products and services online.


am a keen online shopper. I think that the first time I bought via the internet was at the late 1990’s. After that, I have bought more and more products in online shops. I have just counted how much I buy on the internet and I was really surprised at the result. In fact, I only have two kinds of products which I do not buy via the internet and those are groceries and clothes. I still buy all of my groceries from grocery stores and over a half of my clothes from clothing stores. I buy other products, like electronics, books, music and movies, entirely or almost entirely in online shops. In addition, I have paid my bills via internet banks and traded in stocks online for over ten years. During the last ten years, I have personally visited a bank only a few times and I am also used to buying my insurances via the internet. If I travel I book both my flights and my accommodation through the internet.

I spend a lot of time every week looking for new products and information about some specific products, for example if I need a new camera I search information about which camera has succeeded in tests and which one would be the best value for money.

Here is my list of some main advantages of online shopping versus regular shopping:

· Easier

· Faster

· Wider selection

· Products to your door

· Cheaper price

It’s easier because you don’t need to take a car and drive to a shopping center. It’s faster because a shopping trip to a mall takes a huge amount of your time. There is a huge selection of products on the internet shops compared to your local shops. You will get your purchases to the door and earn more quality time which means that you have much more time to spend on things you are interested in. Delivery speed is usually very good, for example when I make an order from a Finnish online store I will receive the delivery the next day. Delivery speed is 3 to 5 days inside Europe and 5 to 6 days from the US to Finland.

Maybe the most important reason for me is price of products. I think this depends a lot on where you live. I live in one of the most expensive countries in the European Union. So I am used to buying all of my electronics (for example cameras, mobile phones etc.) through the internet and usually directly from German online stores or through Amazon. German prices are usually at least 20 percent lower than Finnish prices and sometimes I might find some great offer and save even 50 percent. The prices in the USA are usually very attractive but I should pay duties and taxes which change the situation. So I can’t buy products which cost over $70 with delivery from the US because of duties and taxes. I have mainly bought a lot of books from the US and those cost usually only a half of the Finnish prices (including delivery).

I spend many hours a week searching for and comparing products on the internet. I just came up with the idea that I could share my knowhow and information with you. So I decided to start producing online shopping articles and will offer you information about quality products, great deals, top offers and new gadgets. I will help you to make real finds!

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