The right clothing for a job interview

Getting the job: From writing a resume to correct office wear.

Job hunting is a daunting and often nerve wracking experience even for the most career hardened candidate. From the initial process of sending out your CV to the interview there are a few simple techniques that can be implemented to assist you in getting your dream job. The first step is having a CV that impresses the employer enough to call you in for the first interview. Once you have cleared this vital hurdle it is essential that you make a good impression on the one giving you the interview, an important part of this is choosing the correct corporate clothing. Office wear can be a veritable minefield for somebody entering the job market.

Your resume should be brief yet informative, it is important to include extra-curricular activities that show your strengths and your ability to work as part of a team with potential employees, however, employers are not interested in the fact that you helped out backstage in a grade 8 production of Green Eggs and Ham. If you don’t think an achievement or activity is relevant to the job you’re applying for then rather leave it off, rather than making you look uninteresting it will create a sense of professional mystery. Include all qualifications from the last year of high school to present. Degrees and diplomas from tertiary education institutions should include more detail than your high school results. Include the type of degree the majors and the subjects you took, with results. If possible include a full academic transcript with your application. On your CV include any additional skills you may have received training for.

Once you have secured the interview, presentation is everything. You have thirty seconds to make a good first impression and arriving in appropriate office wear will go a long way to helping create the winning impression. Corporate clothing is an important part of any job, no matter how qualified you are. Being able to show an understanding of this at an interview will add immeasurably to your future job prospects.
Research the office environment of the job you are applying for and more importantly how much face time you will be having with clients. This will tell you a lot about what type of corporate clothing you will be expected to wear. It doesn’t hurt to dress slightly more smartly for the interview than you would be expected to dress in the office. Wear clothing that is suitable for the position for which you are applying, yet also shows that you are looking to grow in the company and move up the corporate ladder.

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