Pioneer CDJ-350 Review

Having been familiar with the other high end Pioneer products,
I found the CDJ-350 to be right up there with the best. For the price you’re getting a whole bunch of extra features
that are sure to make your experience on stage or at home,
more intuitive and free flowing. One edition is the USB input
which enables you to play multi format files from one device,
this means no more lugging around of heavy bags loaded with hundreds of
cds, and no more worries about backing up. The folder navigation
is extremely simple and it breaks it down into files and folders
in a logical way. You can also create and save playlists, analyze
and export your music, all to one flash drive if that’s the way you
choose to go. The CDJ-350′s can of course still use ordinary cds, and as if that wasn’t enough, they can be used as midi controllers
with your favorite software. This means that you can make use of a
huge range of extra features provided by available mixing software.
Overall these are a great addition to the Pioneer line-up, be it for
the aspiring at home dj or the experienced club performer.

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