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Second hand goods or used goods have, for many decades, been a very lucrative for of income generation for developing nations. As consumerism grew in Europe and America following the Second World War and the throw away generation was born, material and objects became obsolete to rich nations while they still held value for poorer developing nations. This is a trend that is still very visible today; technological advancements have made electronic gadgets, among other things, cheaper and more disposable, the consumer driven tendencies of the first world citizens have created a surplus of usable second hand goods.
The internet and social interaction over the World Wide Web has created a market place for this surplus as well as creating full time employment with decent income for people who have dedicated their time to pedalling second hand goods online. Before the online revolution though second hand goods, in particular clothes, were finding shipped to several different African nations where they were used as aid for the underprivileged. This resulted in market places that were the offline equivalent of second hand goods websites, where residents could get used designer clothing for a song. Another popular destination for second hand goods was India where the fabric would be broken down and reconstituted to make new garments this is still a popular practice today.

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