Getting the Family to help with Dinner

Moms are usually in charge of getting dinner on the table – peeling, chopping, cooking, dishing and washing. Your kitchen doesn’t have to be a one-person operation, we’re throwing the ‘too many cooks in the kitchen’ theory out of the window and sharing tips and ideas on how you can recruit the family to join in on preparing dinner with knorr recipes.
Not only will adopting this method save you valuable time and take some of the pressure off of you, it allows you to spend an extra bit of quality time with your husband and children and you might even come across a few talents you didn’t know your family members had.


Planning Meals

Preparing dinner is one thing, but coming up with exciting and delicious dishes that will wow the family is a completely different task on its own. Why not get the family involved in planning dinners for the upcoming week. Designate one night of the week to each family member, and ask them to suggest a dinner idea. Maybe it’s their favourite or something new they’ve wanted to try out. If your family needs a bit of inspiration, send them to whatsfordinner for some quick and easy recipe ideas.
Fill in the missing days with your favourite go-to recipes and make sure you have all the ingredients you need for the week ahead.


Delegating at Dinner

There are a lot of things around the kitchen the family can help with. Young children can rinse veggies, fetch things, fold serviettes and call everyone for dinner. Primary school children are capable of gathering all the ingredients, stirring, setting the dining room table and pouring juice for everyone. It’s important to make sure that the tasks you give your children are not dangerous or too difficult for their age. Avoid frustration and accidents with age appropriate jobs that your child can complete and be praised for.


Teenagers are adults in training and being in the kitchen is excellent training for when they fly the coop. Your teen can peel, chop, add together ingredients and wash dishes. With a little bit of practice they might even be able to take care of dinner for the family once a week.


If your husband is not very capable in the kitchen, he can take care of dinner once or twice a week with a tasty braai. Or teach him how to make his favourite dish and he can whip it up when it appears on the meal plan. Many of the world’s top chefs are men, so sharpen your husband’s culinary skills and give Ramsay a run for his money.


Washing Up

This is the least favourite part of many people’s dinner. The fastest way to do the dishes is by forming an assembly line. Someone clears the plates, another washes, one dries, while mom packs them back into the cupboards. Rotate the jobs so that everyone gets a chance to do the dirty work.


Source: Easy Recipes

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