Cutting solutions to help you make your business more efficient

In today’s economic climate it is an admirable task to undertake the responsibility of starting your own business; start-ups are difficult, but if you have a quality product and the right professional equipment, your venture may yield high benefits. Should you decide to start a business through which you manufacture a variety of signage, stickers and customised T-shirts that require heat transfers, it is essential for you to invest in the best quality cutting-solution equipment.

Our company has an exclusive range of digital print cutters that can handle a diverse range of tasks and any medium that you would like to use to create your product. For your signage cutting needs, look no further than the CG-FX roll-type cutting plotters. If you complement this plotter with the award-winning JV33 series, you can create a printing and cutting combination that will increase efficiency and drastically cut your operating costs. The cutting plotter boasts an optical sensor that identifies any cropping throughout the image and through the combination of the high-quality inks and state-of-the-art adjustment functions, you can be sure that the cutting will absolutely precise.

In order to cut stickers so that it is not even a faction of a millimetre off, the Mimaki Colour Cutter is your best option. The cutter is able to detect the type of media of which the sticker is made and is able to automatically adjust and achieve 100% accuracy.
If you require a machine that is able to deal with all volumes of media, whether it is multiple images, single pages or copious rolls of digital prints, then make sure you acquire the Digitrim 44/64 Digital Print Cutter. The cutter includes Trim Manager and the Rip software that provides state-of-the-art imaging on the medium of choice. The automatic re-alignment and its ability to handle a plethora of media, which includes: PVC, vinyl and graphics arts film makes this cutter the epitome of precision.

The Aristomat-TL is the ideal cutter should your business require you to cut through rubber, corrugated cardboard and even gaskets. This machine, through its tough design, performs high-speed precision cutting and this can all be controlled by a remote control.

Therefore, through the diverse range of cutting solutions that are on offer, you can be assured that you will find the best quality equipment available that will increase the efficiency of your new business.

Original Source: Graphix Supply World

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